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Sundial in Sanremo (Imperia)

Latitude 43° 48' 50" N - Longitude 7° 46' 40" E
This analemmatic horizontal sundial spreads over an area of about 130 square meters in a wonderful position in the context of the area surrounding the Fort of Santa Tecla on Sanremo promenade. Being Sanremo the undisputed international stage of the Italian song, the sundial takes the form of a particular and metaphorical musical score; so the seventeen hour points (which graphically remind notes) from four to twenty, are arranged on an elliptical pentagram with a particular musical key: a large Sun. In a musical score the keys allow to identify notes, similarly the "Sun key" allows the interactive reading of the hours. In the central part, the scale of the dates placed on the meridian South/North line indicates the first day of each month. The time is read from the dial by noting where the shadow cast by a person placed with the feet together on the scale of dates and preferably rigidly raising a hand, crosses pentagram hour points. The fine mixture of musical score white/black characterizes this large sundial made of a base in polished marble chips (Venetian technique) in which the various elements made with luxury marble nero portoro are embedded with the Palladian technique. Analemmatic sundials are perfect as large mathematical sculptures.